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beginner piano lessonsYou're a motivated beginner in search of fun and exciting lessons that establish a solid musical foundation.Get Started
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The Definitive Music Education

Welcome to Soh~Lah, where music study and loads of fun combine to produce the kind of piano lessons you love! Founded in 2004 and dedicated to revolutionizing music education for students everywhere, we offer classes that enhance talent and creativity, with customized program options that enable you to boost your confidence, perfect your playing, and realize your musical dreams...in studio or online.

Whatever your age or stage, whether you're Chopin around for a starter course or interested in going Bach, you'll learn to play like a pro with regular lessons that form part of a comprehensive curriculum. Explore this amazing art and watch history, theory, technique and repertoire come together to guarantee great results and make learning a joy.

So, if you're ready for an exciting, academic approach to studying the piano, enroll today and give yourself and/or your children a gift to last forever by transporting the magic of music into your life!

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